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Mantras or sacred sound vibrations, originating from the timeless Vedic Culture of India, are said to be coming in seed form at the beginning of the universe, from Govinda, the Cause of all causes. They have an uplifting, purifying, and soothing effect on one’s consciousness. They have nothing to do with material sound, and are very potent.


The Vedas say, that simply by proper aural reception, such shabda Brahman (the Godhead incarnate as sound) can nullify the reactions of one’s bad karma performed over many lifetimes, and that one can attain freedom from samsara, the cycle of repeated birth and death. It is also stated that the highest perfectional gift from chanting the Divine names,

is to attain the pure stage of unalloyed love of the Supreme, the endless love of the soul.


With this in mind, the aim of the Red Rock Rishis is to help enable this transcendental transformation to take place in all those who hear these Divine names of the Absolute Truth.


Our music, accompanied by traditional eastern Indian instruments and modern digital synthesizers, transmits devotional sound vibrations for

your meditation, as  well as your spiritual enjoyment. We would be grateful to hear from you, and what you think of our productions. (respond here)



Rama & wife, Zulema recording on album


Residing in Hollywood, California, Rama is the audio and recording engineer of the Red Rock Rishis. He plays sitar and erhu (a two string Chinese bow instrument) on all the albums, and is also a back-up singer. (Rama is also the son of Dasarath Pandit).


When not working with the Rishis, Rama is the leader of UBUV (Universal Beats Universal Vibe), an electronic music and dance performance group focused on helping raise the vibratory level of consciousness through their art.



dasarath pandit

Panditji  has been performing kirtan for more than 40 years, although his first professional recording of an album took place in 2011. He has produced two albums to date - LOTUS EYES and THE BEGINNING IS NEAR. His planned next recording will be a double album, being released some time in 2019.


Performing on harmonium, synthesizer, percussion, and singing lead vocals on the albums, he is also responsible for all the musical arrangements.


Since 1986, Dasarath has opened three Vedic centers in Arizona: in Tucson, Phoenix, and in Sedona where he now resides. His present vision is to help build the Sedona Center of Vedic Culture, a grand expose of India's spiritual culture.

jagannath priya (tracy)

A bhakti-yoga (loving devotional service to God) practitioner, Tracy was the driving force behind getting the Red Rock Rishis kirtan project going, feeling that Dasarath’s God-given music talents needed to be shared with the world. She feels honored to have been able to add her voice to the albums Lotus Eyes and The Beginning Is Near. She adds, “In my reading the Vedic text Bhagavad-gita by Sri Krishna, and chanting the Divine Names, I feel my relationship with the Creator deepen and experience much more peace on a daily basis."


* Special thanks to my life-long friend, Dandi das, for his initually recording some of the first songs of the first album Lotus

   Eyes, such as AUM Relax, Don't Stress, and his guiding me how to make an album. Thanks also to my good friend Pete Fine,    who is a maestro on sitar, and recorded on the songs Hari Nam and Gratitude  on The Beginning Is Near album. - dasarath

Demigod's March


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