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KIRTAN is meant to invoke a CHANGE of CONSCIOUSNESS. Ultimately, it isn't the music, but rather THE MANTRA.

The external world of change and anxiety, vs. the internal world of peace and bliss, begins in the TEMPLE OF THE HEART.

Try and chant along with our songs, and see for yourself. IT EXISTS as much as YOU EXIST. The question is how to actually access what is already within each of us, that sat cit ananda nature (eternity, knowledge, and bliss). Chant and be happy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - RED ROCK RISHIS 

Steven J. Rosen: author, The Yoga of Kirtan

“Meditative and hypnotic, sincere and heartfelt. This CD is a testament to Dasarath’s many years of divine service, and a product of a life lived in devotion to the Supreme. Those who hear it will be transported to the spiritual realm."

SURA and the Temple Bhajan Band

“Groovy tunes. This CD by the Red Rock Rishis makes you feel real spiritual. When I listened to it I felt like dancing.”

JAI UTTAL: kirtan singer, recording artist


“I’ve been listening to your CD Lotus Eyes and really enjoying it...I’m just awed by the many many moods and colors with which the holy names can be chanted. May it reach many ears and hearts.”

Kim Waters: lead singer for RASA; artist

"Lotus Eyes will be a beautiful and treasured addition to my collection of transcendental journey music. I love it more each time I listen to it.”


"Entitled 'The Beginning Is Near' & 'Lotus Eyes', these otherworldly kirtan productions can transport the listener to expansive dimensions and higher states of consciousness.

SHYAM DAS: kirtan singer; writer


 “I have been listening to your CD. Very good bhav!”

Nitya Tripta: KRSNA VISION audio and sound engineer;

“As soon as I heard even the beginning notes on this CD Lotus Eyes
 by Red Rock Rishis, I was fascinated!
“The transcendental mantras along with the soothing melodies is a joy to listen to.
All the tracks are musically satisfying. ‘Relax, Don’t Stress, chant the divine names’, the first line in the first song, says it all. This is a very peaceful album, perfect for yoga and relaxation of the soul. An aural bath that cleanses the stresses of the day.”
( Nitya Tripta has two websites: music, )

Dr. Will Tuttle, Ph.D: pianist, composer, author of World Peace Diet, former zen monk

Lotus Eyes creates a vibrant, peaceful, and happy ambience. The music is wonderfully varied and there’s a feeling of being both ancient and timeless as well as contemporary and hip. Highly recommended!”


Sraddhasagar: yoga teacher trainer / owner-director of 7 Centers Yoga
Sedona, Arizona


"In a time of busy lives, such heartfelt chanting creates a sound current of devotion that calms the mind, and nourishes the spirit. Listen to the Red Rock Rishis in the car, at home, while doing yoga, and the mantra Hare Krishna will carry you through the day."




WAH: kirtan performer and recording artist

“This CD is lovely. A beautiful offering from the devotees of Krishna, mixing traditional mantras with some modern effects and keyboards.”

WAH: kirtan performer and recording artist

“This CD is lovely. A beautiful offering from the devotees of Krishna, mixing traditional mantras with some modern effects and keyboards.”


Hare Krishna, thank you so much for making this beautiful "hare krishna chant" the theme of your music. Sounds soulful and pure. HARIBOL. We have subscribed to your YouTube channel and looking forward to hear more from you.

Shabda Hari Das: kirtan singer / recording artist

"Heard your new album...really like your sound. Organic and wonderful.”

Marti Walker: musician, composer, kirtan singer


Lotus Eyes by Red Rock Rishis is a sincere journey to the heart of Lord Krishna. A mixture of ancient melodies (such as in Holy Places and Govindam) and modern sounds and beats (like the unexpected groovy, down-tempo trance beat in Relax, Don’t Stress /AUM), the listener is transported out of time, and dropped lovingly into the arms of Lotus Eyes himself - Lord Jagannath.
At times uplifting, at times intoxicating, this CD is a testimony to the undeniable  and infectious devotion of the Red Rock Rishis.”
              - Marti Walker, An Alternative                               Global Music Experience

Pete Fine: sitarist / composer /lead guitarist for "Whole Lot Of Zep"

“The Red Rock Rishis CD The Beginning Is Near, is both a meditative, uplifting spiritual experience and a wonderful musical journey. The Hare Krishna chant has rarely had so many variations of musical settings! Beautiful sounds abound, as well as pulsing rhythms. Creative synths, percussion, traditional Indian instruments and outstanding vocals give this CD a feeling of true bliss and wonder. Even those unfamiliar with the Hare Krishna chant will find themselves singing along and humming the tunes. The Red Rock Rishis CD is a unique combination of "ear candy" and "mind candy", with a wrapping of love throughout.

Kurma Das: internationally renowned author of many vegetarian cookbooks

"I must say that your CDs are ecstatic! A perfect way of filling the mind with transcendental sound. The tunes just stick in my head and keep me enveloped in a protective bubble of Krishna smaranam all day."

Stephen Knapp: author of over 20 books on India and its Vedic culture / photographer / President of Vedic Friends Association

“Just to let you know, I've been listening to your CD Lotus Eyes ever since I got it. This is a real contribution to the Krishna sankirtan variety of music. I love the changing moods, all to the holy names. It has become a permanent selection in my CD player, and I listen to it often. Its meditative effects are great for background music when I'm busy writing. So thanks for your efforts to you and your band for putting this together.”


Lavanya Mangala: publicist for Torchlight Publishing

Lotus Eyes, the Sedona-based Red Rock Rishis band debut CD, is a refreshing and unparalleled collage of transcendental mantra music that simultaneously heals, entertains, and spiritualizes its audience. Expertly orchestrated, it features  lead and supporting vocals in a natural symbiosis of harmony, with simple yet sublime
melodies that spiral listeners into deeper and deeper appreciations of the subtle complexities of this mature musical work."

Ekanath Das: Bhaktivedanta Archives director


“I found the Red Rock Rishis new CD, Lotus Eyes, to be very devotionally enlivening and musically soothing.  Highly recommended!
Thank you Dasarath. Well done.”


Howard Beckman: Vedic astrloger, planetary gemologist, author, Director of Vedic Cultural Fellowship


Lotus Eyes by Red Rock Rishis brings a mystical, spine tingling magic to the chanting of an ancient Vedic mantra. Their mix of new age music infused with ‘bhakti’ takes the listener on a journey of the inner mind and heart to a place deep within the soul of us all.”


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk:​ 928-399-0123

"This CD is simply divine! Lotus Eyes by Red Rock Rishis is beautiful, and with enough variation from track to track to remain a compelling musical journey. These spiritual rhythms do an excellent job of redirecting an anxious, racing mind and help refocus mental energies in the most spiritual and energetic way. The vocals are from the soul,real and honest, and somehow perfect - with true emotion and depth."

Srivani -  European born, classical Indian Bharat Natyam dancer /


B. Rhyan: guitar and vocals, Astronauts of Antiquity (New York)


Lotus Eyes is....inspired musical transcendence that floats on waves
 of condensed devotional energy - chill yet engaging.”



Mia Angelica of Sedona: harpist, healer, recording artist



“I love listening to Lotus Eyes by the Red Rock Rishis. This music is so uplifting, joyful, and inspiring. The music is also comforting and feels very fresh and alive, using ancient chants is a modern lively way which makes me happy to be alive.”

Ambaya: Ayurvedic practicioner in Sedona, CEO of Ambaya Gold


“The beautiful sound I hear through the words and music of Lotus Eyes elevates my soul. The continuity of the chant emerses me in a peaceful state of joy, and just listening to the simple name - Krishna, brings me to the presence of unconditional love. Listening to Red Rock Rishis, especially in the car while I drive, brings me back to the oneness of the divine.”



Relax, Don't Stress (AUM)


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