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We presently have two great albums for your CD collection and mantra-meditation music!

Just click on the "buy now" button to purchase, and we will send to you within 10 days!

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Deborah Bird:

"Really nice work! Smashing!" 

Navīna Kṛṣṇa dasi wrote:

"This is simply a masterpiece (Demigod's March song), Dasarath. All glories to your service. Keep on recording your divine inspirations.

Boris Vrhovec

amazing...all of your songs are just amazing, thank u

Madhavas Rock Band: (Jan. 2017)

Hare Krishna, thank you so much for making this beautiful "hare krishna chant" the theme of your music. Sounds soulful and pure. HARIBOL. We have subscribed to your YouTube channel and looking forward to hear more from you.




Thank you for this beautiful chanting - j'adore, merci, blessings - Hare Krishna!!!


simply E N C H A N T I N G

Nish Anandra

Blissful ...can I purchase this online ? I live in Dubai.

Antonio Saputo

Meraviglioso! Jay Radhe Jay Sri Krishna! 

Ralph Mastriani

Wow so so Beautifully Transcendental.

Sri Chantanya Maha Prabhu Ki Jai!!

ramana anam

transcendental and divine



the voices and the music are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you and be blessed!!!!

Barbara Matsuura

Beautiful and uplifting! Love the Red Rock Rishis! Voices are so beautiful!

What our Listeners & Customers say about our songs:

Album: The Beginning Is Near

"Sri Ram's March Into Lanka"

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